Pizzeria Santa Maria

15 St Mary's Rd, London W5 5RA

Dal loro sito:

“Located in St.Mary’s Road, was natural to name our pizzeria Santa Maria. Then the neapolitan graphic designer Salvatore Lillini redesigned an image of Santa Maria di Merino (the patron saint of Vieste, a gorgeous little town in Puglia) in a modern art style as our logo.

Angelo and Pasquale, the two owners, after having worked for many years in several restaurants and pizzerias all over London, decided to embrak their own adventure. Being Neapolitan (pizza was invented in Naples in 1889 from chef Raffaele Esposito, in honour of Queen Margherita, using tomato, mozzarella and basil to resemble the colours of the italian flag) and passionate about pizza, they thought that the borough of Ealing needed a traditional neapolitan pizzeria. So, after working with their own hands on everything and importing the wood fired oven from Italy, Santa Maria Pizzeria finally opened its doors to the public on Valentine’s day 2010.

The pizza served in Santa Maria, is exactly the same as the pizza you can eat on the streets of Naples, using the same ingredients and adopting the same cooking method. In addition everything is complemented by the experienced hands of the master Pizza chefs Lucio Miano Petta and Emanuele Tagliarina.

Santa Maria Pizzeria will be happy to feed everyone, from pennyless students to VIPs, with the authentic taste of Naples, according to the motto “Quality and quantity at honest prices”. In fact pizzerias are not a sort of second-class restaurant, but a place where everyone gets treated in the same way and standards should be kept as high as possible with the desire to improve them all the time.”


Pizzeria Santa Maria si trova in 15 St Mary's Rd, London W5 5RA

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